Principal’s Message

Prof. N. Mohanty
Principal, KIIT-ITI

It is experienced that the growth of industries in a country will develop Economy standard of that country. ITI is the land where skill craftsmen are manufactured, Hence the development of ITI is the main aspect to develop the economy of the country. Since 1992 the KIIT management has been rendering this duty and shall continue to churn out of the best professional form as Industrial Training Center of learning.

Keeping Excellence in quality with emphasis on training in view, KIIT management relived the need for an Institution that will offer craftsmen training. The main aim of Industrial Training Center is “To make each Craftsman a success and no Craftsman a failure”

Due to dedicated experience faculty members for commendable background KIIT ITI has become as one of the best institute in the Eastern part of the country and also proved itself an example of excellence in the field of technical training. Lastly I would like to give acknowledgement to the staff of KIIT, ITI for their hard and dedication on providing opportunities for trainees.